We conduct experiments and deploy applications that
important for human being
in field area of System Monitoring;

-> SEMON V.1.0 (Sistem Electrical Monitoring)

-> SIHUDA V.1.0 (Sistem Informasi Suhu dan Kualitas Udara)

-> SIMBAH V.1.0 (SIstem Monitoring BGP dan Aktifitas network Harian)

-> SIPAKDE V.1.0 (Sistem Informasi PenAmpaKan bandwidth geDe)

-> SIBUDE V.1.0 (Sistem Informasi Berapa User online Dari nEtwork Aruba)

-> WEBGIS V.1.0 (Web GIS Kota Bandar Lampung)

-> KRAKATAU V.1.0 (Sistem Monitoring Gunung Krakatau)

-> SIREMOTE V.1.0 (Sistem Remote Online)

-> COUNTING VEHICLE V.1.0 (Sistem penghitungan dan kecepatan kendaraan)

-> SIMADANG V.1.0 (Sistem Monitoring Tambak Udang)

-> SmartGFN V.1.0 (Sistem Smart Home dengan Voice Command)


Electricity quality should be monitored at all time in order to carry out preventive and corrective action if there any potential event of disruption or unconditional incident. We made an online system that can monitor the electrical quantities such Voltage, Current, Power, PowerFactor, KwH in data centers building.


Mini single board computer Broadcom BCM2835 SoC, ARM11767JZF-S 700 MHz processor (Raspberry Pi model B) is a major component used in this Project. Raspberry Pi serves as an interface to gathered the data of electrical quantities. The benefit of this application that we can monitor 3-phase electrical system at LAB.


Semon Project for other place will coming soon, please supporting us so that we can "ISTIQOMAH" to produce another usefull application


Embedded Single Board Computer (Arduino, Raspbery Pi), is a major component used in this Project. Embedded System serves as an interface to gathered the data of Humidity, Temperature, CO, CO2 from sensor. The benefit of this application that we can monitor air quality near JTE

SIMBAH On Data Center Unila

SIMBAH or SIstem Monitoring BGP dan Aktifitas network Harian, developed to identify network activity on Data Center Unila, specially on BGP prefix count (IPv4/IPv6), IPv4/IPv6 total connection/session, DNS Unila Cache

SIPAKDE - On Data Center Unila

SIPAKDE or Sistem Informasi PenAmpaKan bandwidth geDe, developed to monitoring bandwidth usage both International and Domestic by all Unila users.

SIBUDE On Data Center Unila

SIBUDE or Sistem Informasi Berapa User online Dari nEtwork Aruba, developed to help Sys Admin to monitor total Online User from Aruba Controller, without login directly to Controller.

WEBGIS Bandar Lampung

WEBGIS application present information of public services place on Bandar Lampung city

KRAKATAU- On Data Center Unila

Aplikasi Monitoring Gradien Suhu Gunung Anak Krakatau


SIREMOTE is an application can remote all of electrical device through the internet

Counting Vehicle and Speed Measurement

This project show you how to count vehicle and measuring the speed of each vehicle, using Visual C++ 2010, OpenCV, BackGround Substraction (BGS) Library, Database Server (MySQL).


SIMADANG is an application to monitor Tambak Udang Windu


Application for remote all electrical devices, with voice command instruction


Aplikasi Monitoring Kendaraan Antar Jemput Anak Sekolah (AS-OJEK)


Application for measuring electrical quantities for several place, based on Arduino


Aplikasi Monitoring Kadar Gas CO dan CO2 di Universitas Lampung